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Sweethearts Charm School


We are extremely excited about our Charm School! We have proudly "charmed" young ladies since March 2016! Due to high popularity, we have added two additional sessions to our schedule! The purpose of our Charm School is to inspire and encourage young girls to operate to their highest potential every day. 

Sweetheart Charm School is a 9-week program for girls in fourth through sixth grade. We have currently held our "charming" sessions at Halley Elementary School in Lorton, Virginia. 


To be determined


 - "What did I like about Charm School? Everything!"- 6th grader

- "Charm School was good because it let you be free. In school you have to be uptight, but here you can share your feelings." -6th grader

- "Yes, I would recommend for girls to be in Charm School. It is a lot of fun and you get to meet other nice girls."- 4th grader

-"I liked that there were no boys allowed. It was just us girls talking about girl stuff." -5th grader

- "My daughter had such a great time. She was excited about the group, and I am thankful she had the opportunity."- Parent