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Kings Dominion- June 27, 2017


 Thirty-two teenagers attended this fun-filled day! We arrived at Kings Dominion at 10:30 am and we stayed until 5:30 pm. 

Everyone had a great time as they rode every roller coaster...multiple times!

Girl's Only Sleepover- April 13-14, 2017


 This was a fun night! Some of our high school girls came to hang out with some of our middle school girls. The high school girls used this as an opportunity to "mentor" and give advice to our middle school girls about school, peer pressure, and making the right choices. We spent the day shopping at Springfield Mall, had dinner, and went to the movies to see "Kong." We stayed at the Wingate by Wyndam. A great time was had by all!  

Split- February 4, 2017


 We went to see Split! Everyone enjoyed it, and we had insightful conversation after about the implications of mental illness. After the movie, we had a healthy lunch at Subway! (Although only boys are pictured here, we did have three girls that attended, too!) 

Pentagon City Mall/California Pizza Kitchen- August 21, 2016



When we asked the kids what they wanted to do this month, they said, "The mall!" Typical teenage answer!

The kids budgeted their money and shopped; then we had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. 

Smithsonian Portrait Art Gallery- June 16, 2016


 For this outing, we took three aspiring artists to the Smithsonian Portrait Art Gallery in DC. We had lunch at Vapiano's, saw some beautiful portraits, and then enjoyed some delicious ice cream in the museum's beautiful courtyard. The boys had a great time and are looking forward to another art outing!  

Girl's Only Sleepover- April 30- May 1, 2016


 Simply put, we had an awesome time! We took six girls on a private sleepover outing in DC for the weekend. We stayed at the Courtyard Marriott in in Capitol Hill. We had dinner at Vapiano's and saw Zootopia at the Regal Theater in Chinatown.

The best part of the night, though, staying up late, eating snacks, and having girl chat!

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Zoolander- February 27, 2016



We love dinner and the movies!

This month we went to see Zoolander 2. (Spoiler alert: All of the girls were upset after watching Justin Beiber get killed within the first 5 minutes of the movie.) After the movies, we went to Ruby Tuesdays to have dinner. It was the perfect day with 10 amazing kids! 

Wizards Game- December 19, 2015


 This was our second time seeing the Wizards play at the Verizon Center. The children had such a great time cheering the Wizards on to another victory!

This night provided us with the opportunity to continue practicing how to use public transportation. All of the children calculated how much it would cost to ride to the Verizon Center and they bought their own farecards.  

Community Service- December 15, 2015


 We hosted a holiday party for the second graders at Mount Vernon Woods Elementary School! Our children provided a variety of games, crafts, and activities to celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah. They also served dinner to the 50 second graders that attended the event.

Every second grader left the party with the crafts they created, a bag with an assortment of candy, and small gifts.

The best part about this event was that it was free for every second grader that attended. It was beautiful to see our children plan and execute such a fun event for other children. 

Christmas Village- November 14-15, 2015


 We took 19 eighth and ninth graders to Christmas Village in Bernville, Pennsylvania. While in Pennsylvania, we went to see the Peanuts movie and had dinner at Olive Garden. 

The children enjoyed a relaxing night at Homewood Suites in Wyomissing, PA. They even showed us how to make the perfect cup of hot chocolate at 2:00 AM! 

Our children had a great time. Most importantly, six children attended this overnight trip for free!

Football Game- September 18, 2015


 Ten children attended this Friday night event at RFK Stadium. The tickets were FREE and provided by Mr. Mark Ausbrooks (www.markausbrooks.com). 

We had such an amazing time even though we had to leave after the half time show! 

Kings Dominion- June 24, 2015


 The first time we went to Kings Dominion, we had 25 children attend. The day was spent on roller coasters, eating amusement park food, taking selfies, and just having a great time. 

Both times we attended Kings Dominion, Alfred Street Baptist Church, in Alexandria VA, paid for the bus! Thank you Pastor Wesley and Alfred Street Baptist Church for your monetary support and your prayers!

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Pitch Perfect- March 23, 2015



Pitch Perfect was one of the funniest movies of 2015. We literally laughed out loud throughout the entire movie. 

We had dinner at California Tortilla before our movie. It gave the kids an opportunity to socialize with one another. We also rode the metro to Hoffman movie theater to give the children the practice of using public transportation. 

Nine children attended this event in May. We paid for the metro fare for all nine children.

Girl's Only Sleepover-January 16-17, 2015


 This was an amazing night. Our ten girls set goals for the 2015 year, they learned dining etiquette, and they participated in a panel discussion with two young ladies who have been in their shoes. 

There were quite a few tears, but also many laughs. We definitely bonded over a night of self-awareness, self-reflection, and self-love. 

The best part about this event, the girls only paid $10 to attend! This included their hotel lodging, food, and materials! We are so thankful to all of our sponsors.

Holiday Party- December 12, 2014


 Our holiday party was a blast! We had 26 children attend. We had crafts, activities, gingerbread houses, and our very own DJ! 

All the kids had an amazing time. 

Thank you to Mount Vernon Woods Elementary School for allowing us to use your space! 

Mount Vernon Woods- November 22, 2014



It is important that our children understand that it is important to give back to their communities. This community service opportunity was the perfect opportunity for our children to do just that. 

Our children served as volunteers at the Mount Vernon Woods Lady Panther's run. They made signs, cheered children on, and passed out water and snacks. 

We were told that all of our children were wonderful volunteers and great models for their elementary school students. 

Wizards Game- November 15, 2014



We took 14 children to see the Washington Wizards play the Orlando Magic at the Verizon Center. 

We had a great time cheering on our home team, eating snacks, and sharing laughs. 

The children had an awesome time and the Wizards won! 

Smithsonian Zoo- October 24, 2014



We took 18 children to the Smithsonian Zoo in October. All of our children were able to attend this trip for FREE!

Our children got to see their favorite animals, socialize with their friends, and then we had dinner at Chipotle together. We paid for dinner for all of the children, too. 

This trip was a great experience!